central canal of spinal cord

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cen·tral ca·nal of spi·nal cord

the ependyma-lined lumen (cavity) of the neural tube, the cerebral part of which remains patent to form the ventricles of the brain, whereas the spinal part in the adult often is reduced to a solid strand of modified ependyma.
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central canal of spinal cord

The remnant of the lumen of the neural tube. Largely obliterated in the adult spinal cord.
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investigated which treatments were chosen as the third one by patients treated with both FJI and Epidural Steroid Injection (ESI) on different days within two months among those with lumbar central canal stenosis.
People with central canal stenosis generally have pain in their lower back and/or both legs, as well as pain when they walk.
Which is why these days, after a mandatory spin through the central canals (they never lose their charm), I head for the new frontiers.
We therefore propose that the destruction of tumor cells during treatment led to the formation of a bronchopleural-dural fistula involving the lung mass, a bronchus, vertebral bodies, and central canal.
On my plot this year - the Harrods British Eccentrics Garden - either side of a central canal, I have clipped box shrubs and conical bay trees.
On my plot, either side of a central canal, I have clipped box shrubs and conical bay trees.
The contractor will dredge the central canal, which will split the island in half, reclaim landscape beaches, and construct power, sewerage and road networks on the island.
We couldn't have been more centrally located near the Leidseplein - a busy square at the southern end of Amsterdam's central canal ring facing the popular Vondelpark.
The freehold community comprises 150 luxurious five to eight-bedroom canal, beach and park residences, complemented by private beach access, landscaped spaces, waterfront views and a central canal, giving the development a 'Venice in the Middle East' feel.
[sup][1] Anatomically, degenerative LSS can involve the central canal, lateral recess, foramina or any combination of these locations.
Reports confirm that the now missing bench that used to sit on the side of Leidsegracht, a small canal said to be part of Amsterdam's Central canal belt where Woodley, 22, and Elgort, 20, were seen filming for "TFIOS," is only one of the many benches placed around the city.

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