artery of central sulcus

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ar·ter·y of cen·tral sul·cus

a branch of the terminal part of the middle cerebral artery distributed to the cortex on either side of the central sulcus.
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These branches form a central artery (CA) inside the nerve and another feeding pedicle (arrow head) from the fibular artery that joins the central longitudinal artery (CA).
An earlier study by the same author concluded that the age-related decrease in central artery elasticity was not observed in highly physically active women compared to that of sedentary controls (Tanaka et al.
The Ship at Lathom was almost certainly around in the 1700s when this central artery to the Industrial Revolution was first constructed.
Wirral South MP Ben Chapman, who campaigned to stop the Tunnels bill, said: ``No other area has its central artery as a tolled route.
This is a central artery and the city is supposed to keep central arteries moving.
It will soon be installed, among other places, in Boston's Central Artery Tunnel, built as part of the massive US$14 billion "Big Dig" endeavor to modernize the city's outdated downtown highway and tunnel system.
and it was spurred by a 1998 CLF lawsuit--as well as by pressure from community groups--aimed at forcing the state to mitigate environmental impacts of the Central Artery Project by providing Bostonians with improved public transit facilities.
Pulse pressure is an indication of central artery dysfunction, and significant, ongoing elevations in pulse pressure could lead to endothelial damage, said Dr.
Thirty individual amateur groups, all under the close direction of professional choreographers, hip-hopped, skated, shimmied, grooved and twisted their way through the central artery of Lyons while celebrating the theme of the Biennale's ninth edition, "The Silk Routes.
The city's Central Artery, an elevated six-lane highway running right through the heart of the city, was built in 1959 and was basically obsolete before it was even completed.
The (as of now $13 billion, it continues to rise in cost) suppression of the Central Artery, a major highway through the center of the city that originally called for plans for creating a new and bold landscape for Boston, is also due to funding.
The new Central Artery will carry about 245,000 vehicles daily with an additional 94,000 vehicles passing through the Ted Williams Tunnel each day.

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