artery of central sulcus

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ar·ter·y of cen·tral sul·cus

a branch of the terminal part of the middle cerebral artery distributed to the cortex on either side of the central sulcus.
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These branches form a central artery (CA) inside the nerve and another feeding pedicle (arrow head) from the fibular artery that joins the central longitudinal artery (CA).
Preoperatively, no systemic risk factors were known in patient numbers 2 and 5 with retinal venous occlusions and in patient number 10 with combined central artery and vein occlusion.
The Central Artery system is especially important because alternative routes, such as surface streets, cannot accommodate the same high traffic volumes, and there are only two additional sets of tunnels that connect downtown Boston to points outside the city.
"Our clients, every year the central artery is blocked because of the traffic congestion, complain to us that they can't and won't endure the inconvenience of coming to Nicosia," the businessmen said.
Central Artery Tunnel Project or Big Dig, Boston, USA
Venous outflow was subsequently identified, and in cases where no vessels were available, dissection was performed more distally along the digital artery to identify the central artery. A branch of the central artery was identified to be utilized as venous drainage.
Leaving their main encampment, thousands of Mursi's supporters filled a major square, blocking a main bridge that is a central artery for the city's traffic.
Apparently ashamed to return to Charleston in disgrace, Benjamin instead headed to its bawdy sister city on the Mississippi: New Orleans, a polyglot metropolis of 50,000 divided by its central artery, Canal Street, into francophone and anglophone zones.
Summary: Acting as the blood veins of Dubai public transport's central artery, the feeder bus routes have played a significant role in making Dubai Metro a success story that it is today.
Several subway lines had been closed and major roads including the central artery of Chang'an Avenue, which runs east to west past the Tiananmen Square area where the National Day celebrations will be centered, were closed to traffic and the public.
Second, the study states that while improvements in peripheral vascular structure and function occurred in the high-intensity interval subjects, longer-duration exercise is required for gains in central artery dilation.
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