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Drug slang
A regional term for 1 ounce of marijuana.


Abbreviation for:
cardiac autonomic neuropathy
central amygdaloid nucleus
central autonomic network
central autonomic nucleus
child abuse and neglect
chronic allograft nephropathy
Claim Account Number
Community Action Network (Medspeak-UK)
contrast-associated nephropathy
cord around neck
coronary artery narrowing
cortical amygdaloid nucleus
Cure Autism Now
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ANA/NA members have chosen to use the model of the Center for American Nurses as a package/membership that is separate from INA/ANA.
The Workforce Advocacy Champion Award was presented to AACN in June at the Center for American Nurses' 2008 LEAD Summit in Washington, D.C.
This unrelenting bullying behavior in the workplace will continue unless health care organizations implement zero-tolerance policies and legislation is passed making workplace abuse illegal (American Association of Critical-Care Nurses [AACN], 2004; Center for American Nurses, 2007; Longo & Sherman, 2007; Murray, 2008b; Ramos, 2006).
* Continue to monitor and influence the work of the Center for American Nurses and ANA; members attended ANA House of Delegates and Constituent Assembly, Center for American Nurses "LEAD Summit"(Leadership, Education, Advocacy, Development).
Serve as an elected representative to the Center for American Nurses Membership Council only if elected as such by the individual NMNA/ ANA members of The Center for American Nurses.
The organizations and agencies currently represented on this workgroup are Upstate AHEC, SC Office of Rural Health, MUSC, Spartanburg Regional Health System, SCONL, the VA Hospital in Charleston, the SCNA team that worked on the generational conflict grant from the Center for American Nurses and the SC Board of Nursing.
Time Commitment: one hour teleconference monthly, 8-10 hours per week, with additional time during physical meetings Travel Required: once to twice a year to attend the Board's strategic planning session, the state convention depending on location, and the national ANA House of Delegates and Center for American Nurses conventions
To address some of these issues, the Center for American Nurses interviewed Wanano "Winnie" Fritz, RN, MS, the Chief Nursing Officer and Director of International Operations of HCCA International, a company which specializes in international nurse recruitment and hospital management.
Additional funding opportunities at a state level may include state nursing associations (Center for American Nurses, 2004) and hospital and health care associations (Pohly, 2004).
FedNA, the ANA Center for Ethics and Human Rights Advisory Board, the Center for American Nurses (The Center) and Texas Nurses Association (TNA) urge ANA to reaffirm and further strengthen the resolution passed in 2006 by reiterating that all organizations in which nurses practice, learn, teach, research and lead must take appropriate action following incidents of hostile, abusive and bullying behavior including providing a follow-up mechanism for analysis of the incident(s), implementing corrective measures to prevent recurrence of similar incidents, and when necessary, instituting a plan for disciplining offenders and counseling victims.
Managers also should provide staff with a copy of the position statement "Lateral Violence and Bullying in the Workplace" from The Center for American Nurses as a reference (Simpson, 2008).
The Georgia Nurses Association is an affiliate organizational member of the Center for American Nurses (www.

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