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Anders, Swedish astronomer, 1701-1744. See: Celsius scale.
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Cel·si·us scale

(sel'sē-ŭs skāl)
A temperature scale that is based on the triple point of water (defined to be 273.16°K) and assigned the value of 0.01°C; has replaced the centigrade scale because the triple point of water can be more accurately measured than the ice point; for most practical purposes, however, the two scales are equivalent.
[Anders Celsius]
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Temperature is anticipated to further rise on Saturday, approaching around 6 Celsius degrees above seasonal average accompanied with partly cloudy and relatively warn skies.
Temperatures in the capital Amman will reach a high of 26 Celsius degrees during daytime, dropping to 16 degrees at night.
The head of Boy-azici University Kandilli meteorological observatory, Adil Tek, told Turkish daily HE-rriyet that the 37.2 Celsius degrees observed in Istanbul on June 29 was recorded for the first time in 106 years.
The Paris Agreement is aimed at holding the global temperature rise to well below 2 Celsius degrees above pre-industrial levels and to limit the temperature increase even further to 1.5 Celsius degrees.
Laboratory tests show that polymer banknotes misshape and melt on temperature higher than 120 Celsius degrees which means that they won't damage in the laundry machine, they are cleaner and more difficult to counterfeit.
rising as high as 50 Celsius degrees in some parts of the country such as
The temperature is likely to be between 20 and 24 Celsius degrees (68 to 75 Fahrenheit)," Anatoly Prokopenko, deputy head of Ukraine's State Weather Forecast Centre, told Reuters.
"We know that global accelerating trends of climate change pose existential risks to us all and that global temperature increase of more than 2 Celsius degrees will lead to irreversible consequences."
Damascus, SANA- The temperature will remain lower than average by 7 to 9 Celsius degrees as the country is being affected by a superficial high pressure accompanied by northwestern air currents in all layers of the atmosphere.
A report by the department said temperature degrees in Makkah were 32 Celsius, with northern winds speed at 4km/h while temperature in Mina amounted to 31 Celsius degrees and the western winds blowing at 8 km/h.
According to WMO's El Nino updates, tropical Pacific Ocean surface temperature anomalies from October, 2014 to present have been 0.5 to 1.0 Celsius degrees above normal, which have approached or exceeded El NiAaAaAeA~o threshold
They keep a stable temperature between 2 and 6 Celsius degrees the whole year.