Schüssler's tissue salts

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Schüssler’s tissue salts

Twelve combinations of salts (of no known therapeutic value) formulated by German homeopath WH Schüssler. The salts can be self-administered and are intended to be taken in low concentrations; they are administered in ppm, designated as 6X (as in the homeopathic system).
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Besides the treatments for common ailments, the author supplies a list of homeopathic medicines, supplements, herbs, and cell salts that one should keep on hand.
The inclusion of cell salts in the list of remedies may be new to the reader, so there is an explanation for their use.
Cell salts, also called "tissue salts," were discovered by Dr.
All of the cell salts have value in the treatment of pain, both as singular remedies and in combination.
The following are the 12 cell salts, including their abbreviations, and an example of a pain syndrome that they can help resolve.