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Nest-like clusters of uniform, round-to-polygonal chief cells surrounded by delicate richly vascular tissue and sustentacular cells, a pattern characteristic of paraganglioma
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The morphological details including preservation of the architectural pattern like cell balls, papillae and threedimensional clusters, excellent nuclear and cytoplasmic details, and individual cell characteristics can also be obtained with the CB method.
When they were placed in a soft gel with the consistency of bone marrow jelly, the cell balls remained unchanged for long periods of time and displayed no unwanted differentiations.
After 2 days of culture, the cells formed mulberry-like cell balls with strong refraction [Figure 1]c and [Figure 1]d.
These cell balls, which contain a thousand or more "plantlets," are then transferred to another medium to promote root growth.
[16-18] Microscopically, the tumor is highly vascular and divided by nests or "cell balls" composed of large ovoid-shaped cells with amphophilic cytoplasm.
The following morphological criteria such as cellularity, arrangement of cells (Acini, papillae and cell balls), cytoplasmic and nuclear details were used for giving the cytological diagnosis.