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Cecil, 20th century English physician.
Clarke-Hadfield syndrome - a congenital metabolic disorder in which secretions of exocrine glands are abnormal. Synonym(s): cystic fibrosis
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On October 25 Alfie MacLeod was elected Speaker of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly replacing Cecil Clarke who resigned after being appointed to the Cabinet as Provincial Secretary.
Les presidents de la plupart des provinces et des territoires ont aussi ete presents, soit Ken Kowalski (Alberta), Bill Barisoff (Colombie-Britannique), Eugene McGinley (Nouveau-Brunswick), Harvey Hodder (Terre-Neuveet-Labrador), Paul Delorey (Territoires du Nord-Ouest), Cecil Clarke (Nouvelle-Ecosse) Kathleen Casey (Ile-du-Prince-Edouard), Myron Kowalsky (Saskatchewan) et Ted Staffen (Yukon).
Invited and participating in the ceremony were; Alan Kwong, CEO of PharmEng; local industry representatives and government officials - notably Mark Eyking, Member of Parliament for Sydney-Victoria; Roger Cuzner, Member of Parliament for Cape Breton-Canso; the Honourable Ernest Fage, Minister of Economic Development and Cecil Clarke, Minister of Energy for the province.
A number of provincial and territorial Speakers were also in attendance including Ken Kowalski (Alberta), Bill Barisoff, (British Columbia), Eugene McGinley (New Brunswick) Harvey Hodder (Newfoundland and Labrador), Paul Delorey (Northwest Territories), Cecil Clarke (Nova Scotia) Kathleen Casey (Prince Edward Island) Myron Kowalsky (Saskatchewan) and Ted Staffen (Yukon).