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Arthur Bond, U.S. urologist, 1885-1967. See: Cecil urethroplasty.
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Freddy was at his wittiest, referring to Cecil as the "Fiasco"--family honoured pun on fiance.
Allan will bid for a fourth Indian Derby victory aboard the Sadakshara Padmanabhantrained Sir Cecil - a four-time local Grade 1 winner and unbeaten in eight starts - at Mumbai on February 3.
Cecil graduated with "Special Distinction" from Mississippi College where he earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting.
The handler learned the ropes with stepfather Cecil Boyd-Rochfort in Newmarket before going solo in 1969.
"It is a great honour to pay tribute to Cecil Knox; we owe an immense debt of gratitude to him and others who fought for our freedom and it's wonderful to have a permanent reminder in Riversley Park," the borough's first citizen said.
Travelling across the seas, Cecil remained on board for the duration of the war, risking his life to serve his country.
During his internship year at Durban's King Edward VIII Hospital Cecil captained the Natal rugby team and was vice-captain of the 1949 Springbok rugby team that trounced the All Blacks 4-0.
The bulky wooden sea chest belonged to 16-year-old midshipman Cecil Molyneux, who was killed at the Battle of Jutland - the 100th anniversary of his death is this Tuesday, May 31.
Two days later Mr Cecil's body was found in a field on the edge of a golf course in Cwmbran in February 2015.
Cecil was killed by game hunter Walter Palmer in an organised shoot which outraged the world.
Cecil, one of Zimbabwe's most loved symbols, was killed with a bow and arrow by a hunter said to be Minnesota dentist Walter James Palmer.