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The 22-kD transmembrane protein associated with the membranes of caveolae and with Golgi membranes; believed to function in signal transduction, in cholesterol transport, and metabolism of the cell.
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19) Caveolins are a 3member protein family with a dual and opposite role in cancer development, as they are implicated in both tumor suppression and oncogenesis.
Caveolins, liquid-ordered domains, and signal transduction.
The analysis of mean densitometric ratios of caveolin, Hsp90, and porin to eNOS protein respectively was performed by using NIH's Image J64 software (see URL above).
The immunophenotype of basal-like tumors, as defined by GEP or by IHC surrogate markers, is characterized by positive expression of basal CKs, EGFR, p53, P-cadherin, caveolins 1 and 2, cyclin E, Ki-67, c-Kit, fascin, Sox2, moesin, vimentin, nestin, and laminin (Figure 2).
Caveolin 1 is overexpressed and amplified in a subset of basal-like and metaplastic breast carcinomas: a morphologic, ultrastructural, immunohistochemical, and in situ hybridization analysis.