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cat·a·lyt·ic an·ti·bod·y

an antibody that has been altered to give it a catalytic activity.
Synonym(s): abzyme


Any of a number of hybrid catalytic molecules with antibody-like specificity. The hybrid is generated by combining an antibody with an enzyme; the “ab-” portion corresponds to the highly specific binding sequence, analogous to an immunoglobulin’s variable region, and the “-zyme” portion incorporates catalytic machinery. While most abzymes are synthetic and typically the antibody component is raised against a transition state analogue for the reaction to be catalysed, they may also occur in autoimmune disease, especially systemic lupus erythematosus.


An antibody that has an enzyme-like (catalytic) action.


a catalytic ANTIBODY, with variable regions possessing enzyme activity. An abzyme is capable of catalysing a chemical reaction by binding to and stabilizing the transition state intermediate.