cation exchanger

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cat·i·on ex·chang·er

(kat'ī-on eks-chānj'ĕr),
An insoluble solid (usually a polystyrene or a polysaccharide) that has negatively charged radicals attached to it (for example, -COO-, -SO3-), which can attract and hold cations that pass by in a moving solution if these are more attracted to the acid groups than the counter ion present.
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2 times higher than the capacity of industrial cation exchanger KU-2-8.
Different factors that affect the preparation process are optimized to attain heteropoly acid cation exchanger of nanozirconium tungstovanadate that is characterized by its high IEC and prepared in nanoscale.
Strongly basic cation exchanger. Useful for separating nucleotides, nucleosides and organic acids.
[absolute value of Z]([OHM]) Initial GOD Anion exchanger 75.805 135.43 Cation exchanger 51.128 99.414
The effect of temperature on the sorption of chromium (III) by cation exchanger Amberlite IR- 120 H+ in the concentration range of 1.92384.615 mmol L-1 is shown in Fig.
The [H.sup.+] ions of the initialized cation exchanger were substituted for other inorganic ions by filling with solutions that contain various ions, and the impedance measurements were carried out.