cathode ray tube

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cath·ode ray tube (CRT),

an evacuated tube containing a beam of electrons that can be deflected to various parts of a fluorescent screen; used in the cathode ray oscilloscope.
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cathode ray tube

See Video display unit.
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cath·ode ray tube

(CRT) (kathōd rā tūb)
An evacuated tube containing a beam of electrons that can be deflected to various parts of a fluorescent screen; used in the cathode ray oscilloscope.
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A large part of DCI's business involved exporting used cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors to countries in the Middle East and Asia.
"An inspection of the defendant's yard found tools, electrical parts, TV Cathode ray tubes, a plastic bag containing treated copper wire and copper pipe from a boiler, and plastic boxes of various electrical components and copper pipes.
Eventually, the amount of CRT "cullet" - the crushed remains of trashed cathode ray tubes that are recycled - will outstrip demand, and the toxic screens will end up in landfills, explained Jeremy Gregory, a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a co-author of a new paper on CRT recycling.
company called Executive Recycling that was said to have exported a container of cathode ray tubes, the main part in computer monitors and television sets that contains lead, to Hong Kong.
"TVs and computer monitors contain cathode ray tubes (CRTs) which have hazardous properties.
CRT Recycling has launched the first UK plant to recycle broken cathode ray tubes from televisions.
THEBirken-head-based Global Environmental Recycling Company, which has developed a process to reclaim and recycle the highly toxic glass from cathode ray tubes for the TV manufacturing industry, has made the finals of the Electrical & Electronics Recycler of the Year awards being announced on November 14.
Cathode ray tubes are banned from landfills and incinerators because they contain lead and trace amounts of other harmful elements, he said.
Electronic Recyclers claims that it is the largest electronics recycling facility in California that demanufactures, recycles and crushes cathode ray tubes (CRTs) found in computer monitors, televisions and other types of video equipment.
Asian importers, for instance, can sell working cathode ray tubes (CRTs), which contain up to four pounds of lead each, to electronics manufacturers who use them to make new products.
As the door closed on the market for colour cathode ray tubes, which triggered the closure of NEG, so a new opportunity is now emerging through the regeneration of this important site.
What if you could purchase the service television offers--watching The Apprentice, for example--minus the actual cathode ray tubes and other electronic components linked to the product itself?