Catha edulis

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Cath·a ed·u·lis

(kath'ă ed'yū-lis),
A plant of Ethiopia and Arabia (family Celastraceae), cultivated for use as a stimulant; khat (the fresh leaves and twigs) is chewed or used in the preparation of a beverage; the active principle is pharmacologically related to the amphetamines, probably d-norisoephedrine.
[Ar. khat]
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Drug slang A regional term for amphetamine
Herbal medicine A shrub with a high content of d-norpseudoephedrine, a CNS stimulant; consumed as a leaf—in a similar fashion to that of coca—khat increases alertness, relieves hunger and fatigue, and produces mild euphoria. See Herbal medicine
Substance abuse The dried bitter leaves of Catha edulis, an evergreen shrub from eastern Africa—e.g., Somalia, Ethiopia—and Yemen; khat is chewed for its stimulatory and euphoric effects by millions in the Saudi peninsula. It contains cathinone—a DEA Schedule I controlled substance—an amphetamine-like alkaloid, which causes excitement, euphoria and anorexia
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The leaves and shoots of khat, the shrub Catha edulis, are chewed to obtain mild euphoria.
Khat is the common name for the leaves, stems and shoots of the plant of the species Catha edulis and is chewed in a social setting, typically at home, at parties and in khat cafes.