Catastrophic Benefits

A 2nd tier of health insurance or health care plan benefits that are ‘activated’ once the benefits have been exhausted from the 1st tier, after which coverage is provided under the catastrophic portion of the policy or plan, in which ‘deductible’ fees must be paid and co-payment requirements met
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Additionally, the cost of providing such catastrophic benefits could be reduced through the addition of an early duration deductible that vanishes over time.
* It can have catastrophic benefits that will pay out for cancer, heart attacks and strokes; life insurance can help even when you don't die.
"Because of the high cost of their drugs compared to the general public, I believe that transplant recipients and ESRD patients are more likely to experience the gap if they don't have a plan with gap coverage and will be more likely to access catastrophic benefits," Witten explained.
Higher-income Medicare beneficiaries would be able to enroll in the plan for $25 a year and receive catastrophic benefits that would cover all prescription costs over $3,300 a year.

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