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Cisplatin and Tirapazamine in Subjects with Advanced Previously Untreated Non-Small-Cell Lung Tumours. A phase III trial that assessed the efficacy and safety of tirapazamine plus cisplatin for treating non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
Conclusion The median survival was significantly longer and the response rate was significantly greater for patients who received tirapazamine plus cisplatin than for those who received cisplatin alone. Tirapazamine enhances the activity of cisplatin in patients with advanced NSCLC and confirms that hypoxia is an exploitable therapeutic target in human malignancies
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Will Lightfoot is catapaulted into the 'Perilous Realm' at a time of family tension through his own rash action leading to a motor-bike accident.
He was catapaulted from his seat by the impact and died of head injuries at the scene on Shaikh Salman Highway.
He scored a couple against Aston Villa last season after not scoring for seven or eight games and I thought that would have catapaulted him on to a good run, but we kept using him in different positions.
Flanagan, whose success at the Stella Artois catapaulted him into the world's top 600, claimed a lack of support in North Wales that prompted his move to Nottingham.
'Winning the title has also catapaulted me into the world of speakers.
It has catapaulted Keira - who appeared in Bend It Like Beckham - on to the movie world's A-list.
Her striking performance has catapaulted her into Hollywood's A-list.
As both her first appearance and the wedding scene indicate, Katherine's performances of anger spill out into the streets of Padua, exceeding the bounds of Baptista's house just as the Coventry Herod's rage catapaults him off the pageant wagon and into the street.