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Cisplatin and Tirapazamine in Subjects with Advanced Previously Untreated Non-Small-Cell Lung Tumours. A phase III trial that assessed the efficacy and safety of tirapazamine plus cisplatin for treating non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
Conclusion The median survival was significantly longer and the response rate was significantly greater for patients who received tirapazamine plus cisplatin than for those who received cisplatin alone. Tirapazamine enhances the activity of cisplatin in patients with advanced NSCLC and confirms that hypoxia is an exploitable therapeutic target in human malignancies
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It was Jess's sixth goal of the season and he has shown the form which people have thought him capable of and could easily catapault him back into the Scotland set-up.
All things being equal, if I had the confidence that I was going to win seven gold medals and realised that the outcome of having won them would catapault me into endorsement territory, then 100 per cent I would have experimented," said Spitz.
It will certainly catapault him into the realm of British sport's super rich with HBO paying dearly for the world wide rights to his fights.
Hammers manager Harry Redknapp has begun talks on an improved contract which would catapault Ferdinand into football's jet-set and shoot down continuing speculation about his future.