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A popular term for an older woman (30s to 50s) who sexually pursues younger men
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Sitting in an retrofitted Airstream trailer that acts as a conference room in the sort of communal non-office/office space that seems to be popping up all over Boulder and Denver, Catamounts artistic director Amanda Berg Wilson, executive director McPherson Horle, and company member Laura Lounge talk community-building.
"It's really nice to have BETC's audience flowing out as our audience is flowing out, and maybe there's a weird dance performance or an art installation," says Catamounts' Lounge.
The Catamounts have won four straight against HC and five of the last six.
In fact, both teams shot well as the Beavers finished at 52 percent (28-of-54), while the Catamounts made 51 percent (28-of-55).
Four of the Catamounts' losses came in overtime this year, including George Mason (80-79) and Maryland (89-74), and they've also lost at Pittsburgh (80-51) and Colorado State (82-76) in the Rainbow Classic in Hawaii.
The Catamounts opened with a 10-0 run and went on another 10-1 run a little later in storming to a 33-17 halftime advantage.
Joining Crasilneck on the Catamounts is former Irish teammate Denton Brown and former South Eugene High standout Ryan White.
McLaughlin grabbed a game-high eight rebounds and Aloisi, playing 34 minutes, had a team-best three assists, but it wasn't nearly enough to contain the Catamounts.
Leisenring and Mitchell were teammates at Vermont, while Mink preceded both on the Catamounts' varsity.
Graham Mink also played for the Catamounts but was out of school before they were there.
The noble feline head that graces Catamount Brewing Co.'s labels is that of an Eastern Cougar, a great cat that once thrived in the New England highlands.
Back-to-back 1-1 ties with Vermont and Western Michigan at the Catamount Cup last weekend extended the Crusaders' streak to six games, though five of those games have ended in a tie.