Cat Syndrome

Genetics Cri-du-chat syndrome
Infectious disease (1) Cat bite fever
(2) Cat scratch disease
Veterinary medicine Feline panleukopenia
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Would-be owners shunned her because of what has been termed Black Cat Syndrome.
He said: "I had him from Coventry Cat Group, he has a condition called Wobbly Cat Syndrome which makes him slightly disabled.
They said they 'dispose of their pets in the same way they do the furniture - the kettle and cat syndrome - no longer any need for the kettle or cat.
Essentially, Give The Slip acted as the pacemaker in the Irish Champion Stakes instead of Ballydoyle's Ice Dancer who, like Broche had done in the Eclipse, suffered from Scalded Cat Syndrome.
Burt, who is heading the bank's takeover bid for NatWest, is suffering the effects of the reverse fat cat syndrome, according to a new study, and would be paid pounds 800,000 a year more for a similar job in London.
Although she is sweet and affectionate, she is a victim of Black Cat Syndrome.
I was condemned for challenging the Fat Cat Syndrome in my leaflets.
This reverse Fat Cat syndrome is more in evidence in Scotland because Scottish firms are much more conservative in their pay awards to top executives.