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After cleaning the ears, the medication should be massaged deeply into the cat's ears taking care to get into all areas of the ear canal.
A trip to the vet will be necessary to confirm the diagnosis, as ear mites can be identified by removing some earwax from a fold or crease with a cotton-tipped applicator and examining it under a microscope - or by your vet looking into your cat's ears using a magnifying instrument called an otoscope.
Jimmy Page had made my cat's ears bleed - and I'd loaded the gun.
And, until then, I'm going to attempt guilt-free enjoyment of the sunshine as long as it continues to shine unseasonally upon us, while remembering to apply Factor 30 to our white cat's ears because, despite his thick fur coat, he's at more risk of skin cancer than I am.
MY cat's ears are becoming sore and burnt by the sun.
From craft foam, cut out two matching cathead shapes, two triangles for inside the cat's ears, and a heart for its nose.
A cat's ears are particularly vulnerable as the tissue is thin, has less hair to protect it, and the ears stick up in the sun.
Spread cooled cookies with black colored frosting, and use chocolate wafers for the inquisitive cat's ears.