emergency department

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an unlooked for or sudden occurrence, often dangerous, such as an accident or an urgent or pressing need.
emergency department an area of a hospital especially equipped and staffed for emergency care. Popularly called emergency room.
emergency medical technician (EMT) a provider of emergency care (health care at the basic life support level); this may include spinal immobilization, administration of oxygen, and control of bleeding. In some states there are modular training programs where an EMT can add skills to the basic level.

emergency department (ED)

(in a health care facility) a section of an institution that is staffed and equipped to provide rapid and varied emergency care, especially for those who are stricken with sudden and acute illness or who are the victims of severe trauma. The emergency department may use a triage system of screening and classifying clients to determine priority needs for the most efficient use of available personnel and equipment. Formerly called emergency room.

e·mer·gen·cy de·part·ment

(ē-mĕr'jĕn'sē dĕ-pahrt'mĕnt)
That section of a hospital or other health care facility that is designed, staffed, and equipped to treat injured people and those afflicted with sudden, severe illness.
Synonym(s): emergency room.

Emergency Department



The unit of a hospital in which acute, severe, or urgent illnesses and/or injuries are treated.
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The casualty department documented various types of medico legal cases shown in Fig.
The overall expenditure for the hospital casualty department during this period was R10 321 401.
DIG Police Larkana, Jawed Alam Odho and other police officers visited the casualty department of CMC Hospital Larkana and enquired about the health of injured police officials.
Members of the public visiting the hospital, and in particular those who may have used the car park in front of the supplies building situated to the left of the Casualty department, and who may have seen any suspicious activity, are asked to contact officers.
When my husband and other parents complained to the receptionist, she said there was just one doctor to cover both the adult and children's casualty departments.
Now NHS Lanarkshire, who carried out the work between 2000 and 2002, want to axe the unit, the busiest casualty department in the region.
Insp Keith Howson, of South Shields police, said: "This was not an isolated incident as we do get calls to attend the casualty department, especially over the weekend.
Patients were evacuated from an emergency unit of a Midland hospital yesterday when a fire broke out near its casualty department.
ON Wednesday I had to transport a seriously ill relative to the casualty department at the Southern General hospital in Glasgow.
FAMILIES were today warned against putting unecessary strain on a busy casualty department over Christmas.
He may then be able to combine two tasks in one by sampling at first-hand the new casualty department in our new Superhospital.
Staff from South Tyneside Hospital's casualty department raised more than pounds 1,000 in a charity night at Westoe Rugby Club, South Shields, and officially handed the money over yesterday.

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