Castroviejo, Ramon

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Ramon, Spanish physician, 1904–.
Castroviejo clip-applying forceps
Castroviejo corneal transplant marker
Castroviejo corneal transplant scissors
Castroviejo discission knife
Castroviejo electrokeratotome
Castroviejo iridocapsulotomy scissors
Castroviejo lacrimal sac probe
Castroviejo lens clamp
Castroviejo lens spoon
Castroviejo lid forceps
Castroviejo lid retractor
Castroviejo orbital aspirator
Castroviejo razor blade
Castroviejo refractor
Castroviejo scleral fold forceps
Castroviejo scleral shortening clip
Castroviejo snare enucleator
Castroviejo speculum
Castroviejo suturing forceps
Castroviejo synechia scissors
Castroviejo trephine
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