Benjamin, U.S. pathologist, 1906-1982. See: Castleman disease.
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The class valedictorians are Justin Bennett, Luke Bennett, Hijiriko Castleman, Ronan Hall and Kolby Owens.
Scott Castleman, a spokesman for Columbia Pipeline Group in Charleston, WV, said the company "will continue to work with state and local officials and neighbors to move this important project forward.
Castleman has assumed day-to-day responsibilities for financial operations and management and, subsequently, will assume the role of Chief Financial Officer following the filing of the Company's SEC Form 10-K for 2014 in early March 2015.
Castleman's disease (CD) is a non-clonal lymph node hyperplasia and was first described in 1956 by Benjamin Castleman and colleagues.
1] It was first described in a case report by Castleman and Towne in 1954.
Virginia Castleman s Novel primarily Released Through Archway Publishing in February 2014
Castleman disease: an update on classification and the spectrum of associated lesions.
Castleman is an amazing writer that will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end.
Multicentric Castleman disease and systemic lupus erythematosus phenotype in a boy with Klinefelter syndrome: long-term disease stabilization with interferon therapy.
Castleman disease is an uncommon benign lymphoproliferative disorder characterized by hypervascular lymphoid hyperplasia.
It's wonderful to see something new rather than the dozens of interviews where the surface is barely scratched and she gives the usual spiel about Paper Airplane and RL Castleman and things.
She recalls how she contacted Robert Lee Castleman, a long-time collaborator, when things weren't going well in the early days of what became Paper Airplane.