Casoni intradermal test

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Ca·so·ni in·tra·der·mal test

a test for hydatid disease in which Casoni antigen (sterile hydatid fluid) is injected intracutaneously; immediate or delayed wheal-and-flare reaction is positive.
Synonym(s): Casoni skin test
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Tommaro, Italian physician, 1880-1933.
Casoni intradermal test - a test for hydatid disease. Synonym(s): Casoni skin test
Casoni skin test - Synonym(s): Casoni intradermal test
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Of the serologic tests, the indirect hemagglutination test and the Casoni skin test have approximately an 85% sensitivity.
Laboratory tests for eosinophilia, the casoni skin test and IHA are not reliable.
Laboratory tests like eosinophilia, Casoni skin test, and indirect hemagglutination (IHA) are not completely reliable.