cashmere wool

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cashmere, cashmere wool

fine, downy hair fiber from the Kashmiri goat.
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CASHMERE SWEATER WHEN it comes to cashmere, you can play around with playful colours and shapes, says Jo: "A statement cashmere sweater in an extravagant Brick 110, from silhouette is great as a day-time piece and also fantastic when travelling.
Summary: Brand now pairs oversized or double breasted suits with sneakers and a cashmere sweater
html) splurge on a fancier gift, a cashmere sweater is always the way to go.
Yellow cashmere sweater, PS28, Marks & Spencer; pink sunglasses, PS15, River Island; floral trousers, PS49.
99, black opaque tights, PS8, black boots, PS65, all M&S Step into spring with a pair of bright trousers Navy blazer, PS12, Primark; cream cashmere sweater, PS99, Per Una at M&S; yellow trousers, PS39.
A source has revealed that a young woman on the seat in front of Reynolds vomited towards her window after being sick, but the vomit spewed back all over the actor's beige cashmere sweater.
Have moths munched holes in The Perfect Cashmere Sweater, the one you bought when M.
Stella McCartney created a beautiful mustard knit sweater adorned with embroidered palm trees, while Emilio Pucci combined the colour block trend in an eye-catching pink and orange cashmere sweater.
BERLIN: Football-mad Germans have snapped up the "lucky" blue cashmere sweater that German coach Joachim Loew gives partial credit for his side's World Cup winning streak, a retail chain said Tuesday.