cashmere wool

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cashmere, cashmere wool

fine, downy hair fiber from the Kashmiri goat.
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Informative seminars held during the fair, "Peclers Paris' FW13-14 Key Accessories Trends for Women/Men/Youth/Kids" and "Buying Accessories for the European Market" provided the latest trends for cashmere industry.
The Scottish cashmere industry is really thinking outside the box and opening up to new designs.
He added the cashmere industry employed 4000 staff in Scotland, contributing almost pounds 200million to the country's economy.
Increased international demand for luxury clothing helped to grow Mongolia's cashmere industry, increasing the income of the country's many nomadic goat herders.
Spokesman Hadi Jahanian said: "Given the Borders' historic links to the cashmere industry, it seemed like a natural place for us.
During the dispute, America imposed 100pc tariffs on European cashmere as part of a rolling programme of penalties, costing 1,000 jobs in the Scottish borders, the centre of the British cashmere industry.
She said: 'I am pleased that the threat to our industries, particularly the cashmere industry, in the US's pursuit of objectives which are wholly unrelated to the industries or communities which they serve, could finally be over.
THOUSANDS of jobs in the Scottish cashmere industry may once again be under threat because of a long-running dispute between the European Union and the US over banana imports, an MP has warned.
Cashmere World presents as comprehensive a view of the cashmere industry as possible, from the breeding of the Pashmina, cashmere goats and yarn and fabric production to sustainability and product design.
During his US visit, which included a "fruitful" White House meeting with President George W Bush, McLeish raised Scottish concerns over tourism - threatened by the foot and mouth crisis - and the so-called "banana wars" trade tariffs which have hit the cashmere industry.
AXED Pringle workers have found jobs thanks to Scotland's booming cashmere industry.
The Prime Minister had earlier signalled hope that an agreement could be reached which could safeguard Scotland's troubled cashmere industry.