cash cycle

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cash cycle,

n the length of time between the purchase of raw materials and the collection of accounts receivable generated in the sale of the final product.
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To continue the accounting and financial audit mission Regarding 2013 and 2014 financial years Ladom, leading to a financial analysis and a detailed analysis of the cash cycle and fixed assets,
By combining innovative hardware and software processes with the intelligent management of cash streams between the bank and its customers, financial institutions can revolutionize their cash cycle management," said Wincor Nixdorf President, Jens Bohlen.
It has been providing cash services for over 80 years and over the last 10 years has expanded its solutions to the market by integrating all components of the cash cycle including CIT ,cash point management and forecasting, cash processing with pool and commercial cash, E2E ATM services, maintenance and monitoring.
Technology has helped speed up the production of financial statements, simplified the development of budgets and the analysis of performance to plan, streamlined the cash cycle and enhanced the communication among finance-department employees, as well as between finance and its constituents--among them, business units, investors, banks and insurance companies.
The CINEO family is part of Wincor Nixdorf's Cash Cycle Management[TM] solutions portfolio, which is designed to automate cash processes in banks and retail enterprises to the greatest possible extent and to shorten the cash logistics chain.
This shortened delivery time results in a cash cycle much shorter than the typical average cycle of the residential real estate industry in Brazil.
BIA Digital Partners II LP ("BIA"), a private investment firm focusing on mid- to later-stage companies, and RBC Bank (USA), recently announced a financing arrangement for Cash Cycle Solutions, Inc.
In what will create a national leader in the document solutions industry, Charlotte-based Cash Cycle Solutions, Inc.
Featuring the theme Innovation Streamlines Your Cash Cycle , GCE 2013 demonstrated GRGBanking s all-round product portfolio, which is capable of optimizing every step of customers' entire cash cycle.
RedTail's Managed Services seamlessly integrate with Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, and AccountMate ERP systems to accelerate the order to cash cycle, reduce costly errors and chargebacks, and ensure timely product data synchronization.
Contract notice: Accounting and financial audit for the purposes of management ladom on the financial analysis, detailed analysis of the cash cycle and capital.