case presentation

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case pre·sen·ta·tion

(kās prez-ĕn-tā'shŭn)
Consultation with a patient outlining diagnosis, proposed dental treatment, alternative treatments, risks, costs, and responsibilities.
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Most journal case presentations provide building blocks of information.
We hope that readers of the JCCA, and clinicians in particular, will find these short case presentations interesting and informative.
We see potential benefit in both subacute and chronic cases as evidenced by the two previous case presentations.
Concluding, he recommended the '4Rs' case presentation and explained it was concerned with the way in which relevant information was communicated to the customer.
All diagnostic reasoning skills were used during both methods of case presentation, with greater performance variation in the computer-based simulation.
Co-Existence of Hereditary Pyrimidine 5'-Nucleotidase Deficiency and Heterozygous a-Thalassemia: A Case Presentation.
Grand Rounds and Case Reports: Context (the relevance to environmental exposures and environmental health), Case Presentation, Discussion, Relevance to Clinical or Professional Practice.
In our case presentation, the Wells criteria allowed us to incorporate the algorithmic thinking into our clinical judgment, but not to replace it.
The lecture and interactive case presentation by Dubai Police proved to be very fruitful and was supplemented by take-home materials.
Cognitive restructuring using hypnosis is described in the case presentation.
Each chapter begins with a brief case presentation.
Varma, who reported no conflicts of interest in regard to his case presentation.