Eggleston, Cary

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Cary, U.S. physician, 1884-1966.
Bradbury-Eggleston syndrome - see under Bradbury
Eggleston-Bradbury syndrome - Synonym(s): Bradbury-Eggleston syndrome
Eggleston method - obsolete term for rapid digitalization by means of large doses of digitalis leaf or tincture frequently repeated.
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It may take an effort to realign to Cary Eggleston's wavelength but that's a very good place to be.
This article will explore three Confederate memoirs written during and after the final days of Reconstruction--George Cary Eggleston's A Rebel's Recollections (1874), Richard Taylor's Destruction and Reconstruction: Personal Experiences of the Last War(1879), and Sam Watkins's memoir Company Aytch: Or, A Side Show of the Big Show (1881-82)--in order to show how Reconstruction-era politics shaped the rhetorical and narrative strategies of Eggleston and Taylor and how Watkins's memoir is a populist response to officers' memoirs like those of Eggleston and Taylor.
McMaster's 60 Years on the Upper Mississippi (1893); George Cary Eggleston's The Last of the Flatboats (1900); Julius Chambers' The Mississippi River (1910); Lyle Saxon's Father Mississippi (1927); Walter A.