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In dentistry, removal of excess filling material, using special instruments to produce accurate anatomic contours and restore form and function to the tooth.
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As soon as someone thinks about Taxila, images of master craftsmen carving Buddha statues on black stone come to mind.
Hidden in the forest, the 11th century carvings have a wonderful history that attracts archaeological students and tourists curious about the ancient city.
More other unfinished carvings lie in wait on the huge bowl beside her.
A short article by this author appeared in a previous issue of Whispering Wind magazine [Wells 2015], discussing Seri wood carvings made by the Seri people from Californian Ironwood (Olneya), a hard and heavy dark brown wood which is desert-grown and is now in quite short supply.
Waring claimed that an old photo taken by NASA's Mars rover shows carvings resembling the ones found in ancient Egypt, ( Express reported.
It has the remains of some the oldest human sites currently known, dating back to the Stone Age, as well as drawings, carvings and petroglyphs on the rock surfaces of surrounding mountains, made with ancient stone tools that tourists can see and learn about.
Trujillo is seated in front of a wall covered in relief carvings as he shares these memories.
He studied at Joliet Junior College and worked as a professional chef at hotels in Oak Brook, but he found a way to use his art ability by making ice carvings to go with the food.
Saturday's launch has started a series of events from recording the stories of local stonemasons to photographing the rich variety of carvings around the town.
She owns and operates Janet Lee Carvings, LLC, and is a sales/instructor at WoodCraft in Chandler, Arizona.
David Jarram snapped animal carvings at Breedon-on-the-Hill Parish Church.