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In dentistry, removal of excess filling material, using special instruments to produce accurate anatomic contours and restore form and function to the tooth.
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The draw is 4-7 and shorter but beware - even allowing for what usually goes on in Serie A at this time of the year, we haven't seen any real carve-ups yet.
The change fuelled conspiracy theories about masonic carve-ups in the game that will affect England's destiny, but Hiddink admitted: "I don't know the reason for the change - you'll have to ask UEFA.
WALTER SMITH wants the game's rulers to do away with the fixture carve-ups which have left Scotland's plans for Euro 2008 in disarray.
I don't see CLARA getting on its high horse about the sub-division of non-student accommodation, nor about the carve-ups that are done in the name of business conversion to offices which suck the life out of an area nor to the conversion to hotels and especially not about the huge number of what were wonderful houses turned into nursing homes.
The continental caterwauling competition has got all sorts of plots going on in Finland this year, including allegations of regional carve-ups, monster gambles and rumours of leaked results.
I know there have been carve-ups, I know the source of them and the background.
Yesterday's announcement comes as little surprise as Fifa and the German World Cup organising bodies have been at pains to be seen to be alert to any possible carve-ups at the tournament.