Rivero-Carvallo, Jose Manuel

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José Manuel, Mexican cardiologist, 1905–.
Carvallo sign - an increase in the intensity of the pansystolic murmur of tricuspid regurgitation during or at the end of inspiration distinguishes tricuspid from mitral involvement.
Rivero-Carvallo effect - inspiratory increase in the systolic murmur of tricuspid insufficiency.
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Moody's official, Felipe Carvallo, added that the agency expected only mild asset quality deterioration and related losses because of disciplined underwriting and conservative reserving coverage in the country.
These are: chapter I ("Poiesis and Modernity at the Turn of the Spanish Sixteenth Century: Luis Alfonso de Carvallo and the Cisne de Apolo (1602)" by Leah Middlebrook); chapter 2 ("'Orphic Fictions': Poesia and Poiesis in Cervantes" by Anthony Cascardi); and chapter 4 ("Encyclopedia, Poiesis, and Modernity" by Marina Brownlee).
Carvallo and Cooper describe how they built a smart electric power grid for the Austin, Texas power company, which they expect to be the first of many.
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The team from left, back row: Tom Bryan (youth club leader), Michael Coleman, George Rawden, Jim Watters, Jim Cunningham, Denis O'Leary and Carl Carvallo. Front row: Lawrence Wilson, George Grainger, Jimmy Towers, John Jones and Dickie Devlin.