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Karl G., German anatomist and zoologist, 1789-1869. See: Carus circle, Carus curve.
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Implementing agency : Universittsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus Dresden an der Technischen Universitt Dresden, AR
Carus, 25, turned professional back in September 2011 and had good fights with Tom Stalker and Josh Leather, among others, and also shared the ring with now-retired veteran Johnny Greaves.
Other high measurements of lead include 38,700 in the slag pile, 3,660 on the Carus plant grounds and 3,220 in the residential area.
Wolf published an initial list of Homilius's works in 2009 as part of a concise overview of the composer's life and output (Uwe Wolf, Gottfried August Homilius: Studien zu Leben und Werk mit Werkvnzeirhnis [kleine Ausgabe] [Stuttgart: Carus, 2009]).
The Guisborough light-welterweight, 22, was given his toughest test to date by Scouse southpaw Carus at Newcastle in June before emerging a 58-56 winner over six rounds.
Carus is author of the book "Super Artist - How to Take Flight as a Creator" and during his seminar spoke to ways attendees can overcome obstacles in the way of artistic careers.
It's fantastic for us to host such a prestigious flagship tournament," enthused Curtin, who also revealed the Carus Green Cumbria Open will be staged this summer as a precursor to the event.
Carus said while taking a shower, Spohr removed the shower hose and tied it to a window, but police discovered him before he placed the other end around his neck.
It was clear he wanted to hang himself," Carus told AFP, adding that a police officer arrived at the scene a hospital where Sphor is being treated for gas poisoning before anything happened.
Mr Carus was a renowned violinist and played a leading role in the creation of Birmingham's Adrian Boult Hall, a 520-seat auditorium with outstanding acoustics, which can accommodate a symphony orchestra.
Spokeswoman Myra Carus said: "It is quite discouraging for local groups to have to pay for free events which are essentially held to encourage communities to get together.
P) said on Wednesday it was buying domestic publisher Carus Publishing Company in a cash and stock deal.