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Karl G., German anatomist and zoologist, 1789-1869. See: Carus circle, Carus curve.
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The volume under review, jointly issued by Reclam and Carus, is therefore one of the latest in a long succession of editions, some of which were published in or around 2017.
Carus, who thanks Brigitta Arden, Brigitte Parakenings, and Wolfgang Kienzler for thenhelp with the transcriptions.
Carus, 25, turned professional back in September 2011 and had good fights with Tom Stalker and Josh Leather, among others, and also shared the ring with now-retired veteran Johnny Greaves.
Other high measurements of lead include 38,700 in the slag pile, 3,660 on the Carus plant grounds and 3,220 in the residential area.
The Guisborough light-welterweight, 22, was given his toughest test to date by Scouse southpaw Carus at Newcastle in June before emerging a 58-56 winner over six rounds.
Carus is author of the book "Super Artist - How to Take Flight as a Creator" and during his seminar spoke to ways attendees can overcome obstacles in the way of artistic careers.
Graham Curtin's hands-on approach has seen Carus Green, near Kendal, evolve from a pretty parkland course into one of the most popular venues in the county, almost unrecognisable from when it opened as a pay-and-play resort in 1996, which boasts more than 600 members.
The aid is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and will be paid to a partnership between a specialist medical sponsor (Carus Consilium Sachsen GmbH) and T-Systems International GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG.
Santa Maria Police Chief Lylian Carus revealed the suicide attempt happened while he was captive and under police guard at a hospital, where he is being treated for smoke inhalation, CNN reports.
Elissandro Sphor tried to kill himself with a plastic shower hose, said senior police official Lilian Carus in the town of Cruz Alta 125 kilometers (about 80 miles) from Santa Maria, where the club owner is hospitalized.
Louis Carus, a leading figure in the international classical music world and former head of Birmingham Conservatoire, has died at the age of 84.