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Karl G., German anatomist and zoologist, 1789-1869. See: Carus circle, Carus curve.
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JOSH Leather has been sparring his last opponent Tommy Carus in preparation for his sixth professional contest in London on Monday night.
Carus is author of the book "Super Artist - How to Take Flight as a Creator" and during his seminar spoke to ways attendees can overcome obstacles in the way of artistic careers.
It's fantastic for us to host such a prestigious flagship tournament," enthused Curtin, who also revealed the Carus Green Cumbria Open will be staged this summer as a precursor to the event.
Carus said while taking a shower, Spohr removed the shower hose and tied it to a window, but police discovered him before he placed the other end around his neck.
Mr Carus completed his professional training with William Kroll at the Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore in the USA.
Wolf published an initial list of Homilius's works in 2009 as part of a concise overview of the composer's life and output (Uwe Wolf, Gottfried August Homilius: Studien zu Leben und Werk mit Werkvnzeirhnis [kleine Ausgabe] [Stuttgart: Carus, 2009]).
Council chairman Chris Carus said:"Anti-social behaviour was a huge cause of discontent.
Elsie Broadbent then told Muriel Carus, `He's tried to have sex with me, ' and she added that she wanted to die.
Contract notice: Open procedure (the eu) for the award of building cleaning services (maintenance and window cleaning services) for the service property carus bank 3-5 in 01099 dresden, institute for federal real estate, directorate erfurt - doop.
Fellow Liverpool and District Competition sides Leigh and Lytham lost to Vernon Carus and Chorley respectively.
ROYAL Liver Assurance in Liverpool has appointed ANTHONY CARUS as non-executive director.
Delivery of blood gas analyzers, software, installation, operational installation, commissioning and function test at the operation, computer-coupling and integration, training, maintenance is a full service / guarantee delivery of all supplies (except clot catcher and samplers), dismantling and collection) for the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus, Dresden University of Technology with a term of 4 years.