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Relating to a rounded pattern, from which short curved radiations appear to emanate
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Target has continued to update Cartwheel since the app's May 2013 launch, including a recent pilot that permits users to redeem coupons online.
Ok, reality it wasn't, but executing that perfect and completely effortless cartwheel waswell, unforgettable.
I remember the kinaesthetics of the cartwheel and how it feels to be like everyone else.
All that exercise allowed her to do a perfect NeLL-shape when she did a cartwheel.
ShopperMapping" is the trademarked methodology offered by Cartwheel to help its retail partners use data from their loyalty card programs to generate profitable sales increases.
Korda celebrates victory with a cartwheel across the court
To analyze Nadia's cartwheel, Kathy and Nadia start by tracking the positions of Nadia's left hand.
That's how astronomers believe the Cartwheel, a striking, ring-shaped galaxy complete with spokes and a brilliant, bulls-eye core, got its shape (SN: 4/18/92, p.
The book's protagonist, Vera Cartwheel, rejects her mother's opium-induced vagueness and searches for her long-lost nursemaid, Miss MacIntosh, who represents common sense and reality.
Cartwheel had more than 5 million users by year's end, the company says, and the tool was credited with saving shoppers at least $43 million.
At that moment, you could see that aircraft was again starting to lift and it began to cartwheel.
The last book of the quadrilogy, "The Final Cartwheel," is planned for release by the middle of 2013.