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n in dentistry, a device of various configuration and composition used with a syringe for the application of anesthetic or other materials to a patient.
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He knew there were no seas or ships in the heart of the barren lands, just as he had known there was no cartridge in the empty rifle.
Russ Thomas, with Rethink Ink, a refiller of copier and primer cartridges, notes that the company has very successfully approached schools to build up its business.
The new higher capacity tape cartridges not only deliver greater capacity, performance, reliability and cost, but they also reduce the number of tapes handled and the physical storage requirements after recording.
Addonics Technologies today announced the Saturn Drive Cartridge System (SDCS), a high-capacity removable storage solution that allows users to hot swap drive cartridges just like they were a video cassette.
The most common tape environments will have an automated tape library containing several tape drives and several tape cartridges.
HP additionally unveiled an easy-to-download SureSupply Software Utility for enhanced supplies manageability as well as high-capacity HP Vivera ink cartridges for extended cost savings.
Travan tape technology still maintains a favorable edge with considerations, including the price of the tape drive, data cartridges, ease-of-use, and the available backup window.
ProStor Systems, the leading developer of removable disk storage solutions, today announced the addition of a 160 GB capacity to its lineup of RDX[R] removable disk cartridges - a 33% increase over its previous capacity.
Within the linear recording technology, SLR tape drives utilize cartridges that contain both tape guidance components and a portion of the tape drive system.
This White Paper considers the various segments of the market, including original and aftermarket cartridges as well as integrated and non-integrated cartridges.
This massive system which contained six tape drives and 360 15-pound tape cartridges was used continuously for 14 years.
Cartridges are standard sizes, needing no special boring.