Cartilage-cell culturing service Orthopedics A technique in which a Pt's own cartilage cells are removed, grown, reimplanted to fill a cartilage defect of the knee and, at the surgeon's discretion, glued with fibrin glue for watertightness. See Cell culture.
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Levitz was one of the first orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine specialists in the US to use the bio-patch and Carticel Therapy.
47) Despite FDA's concerns over the risks for cultured cells, Carticel was approved in less than a year at a time when the average drug approval lag was 7.
The company also reports that findings from a large, multicenter, observational study on long-term durability of Carticel (autologous cultured chondrocytes) in patients who had pain and functional defects in the articular cartilage in their knees were positive.
said Monday that patients who had poor results from cartilage repair procedures showed sustained improvement with Carticel, a cartilage replacement surgically implanted in the knees.
Additional products of this sort include Vitrix, which is meant to help deep wounds heal without scarring and Carticel, a man-made cartilage harvested in a plastic biodegradable matrix.
Binette began his corporate career at Genzyme Tissue Repair, where he helped pioneer Carticel, the first FDA Biologic License Application-approved cell therapy product.
Cambridge, MA, announced it has signed a partnership agreement with US Bioservices, xx, where, to provide Carticel C Care, a comprehensive clinical case support and health insurance authorized services program for Carticel patients and their treating physicians.
The orthopedic business includes the Synvisc and Jonexa franchises; the BSS business consists of Seprafilm; and the CT&RM products include the autologous cell therapies Carticel, MACI and Epicel.
The company also markets MACI([R]) (matrix-induced autologous chondrocyte implantation), a second generation version of Carticel, in Australia and Europe, and manufactures Epicel([R]) (cultured epidermal autografts), a cell therapy for treating patients with severe burns.
1: Worldwide Sales of Carticel, 2010-2012 95 Figure 8.
He was also president of Genzyme Biosurgery and its predecessor, Genzyme Surgical Products, the division in which Genzyme's cell-therapy products, Epicel and Carticel products were developed.
7 Genzyme: Carticel, Epicel and MACI Global Sales ($m), AGR (%), 2009-2011