Diltiazem HCl Cardiology A generic Cardizem® used for angina and HTN. See Angina, Hypertension.
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Captaris (later acquired by OpenText) and Cartia (acquired by Amazon).
Drugs that were best recognised were Cartia (aspirin) and Iscover (clopidogrel), which were identified correctly by 90% and 76% respectively.
I have had an ablation with a 67 percent cure, and am taking digoxin, Sotalol, and Cartia XT.
Cartia was promoted to chief of security in May 1995, one of his first goals was to boost security without increasing his eighteen-person staff.
In his DVD interview, Verde Valley CEO Robert Cartia discusses the idea and information sharing relationship between his organization and Netsmart, and how being a part of the Netsmart user community has kept Verde Valley ahead of the curve in planning for future technology needs.
In our generic products business, although revenues continue to be affected by no launches, Cartia XT(R) and Taztia XT(R) have not been impacted by additional competitors.
The ability for our clinical staff to access client information and to document services provided to clients at virtually any location has revolutionized how we view the delivery of behavioral health services," says Robert Cartia, CEO, Verde Valley Guidance Clinic.
Caringo's executive management team has worked together for 16 years, and boasts more than 80 years of combined experience at companies including Oracle, Siebel, IBM, Tandem Computers, Sybase, Gain Technology, TechGnosis, FilePool, Equip Ventures, Comdisco, Cartia, Sentient Ventures, and BroadVision.
He was also a co-founder and Vice President of Finance for Cartia, Inc.
Lane, said: "Bioequivalent product sales during the quarter, including Cartia XT(TM), Taztia XT(TM), and over-the-counter generic Claritin-D(R)24, which is marketed by Perrigo, continued to be strong, and our distribution business once again achieved all-time high revenues and gross profit propelled in part by its participation in the distribution of the recently launched generic Paxil(R).
Prior to Amazon, Kelly was co-founder and Chief Science Officer at Cartia, Inc.