Diltiazem HCl Cardiology A generic Cardizem® used for angina and HTN. See Angina, Hypertension.
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Aspen will purchase a wide range of brands, including Phillips MOM, Solpadeine, Dequadin, Cartia and Zantac, which generated combined sales of approximately GBP60m in 2011.
Andrx then introduced its generic product, Cartia XT, which sold at a significantly lower price and captured a substantial share of the market.
Drugs that were best recognised were Cartia (aspirin) and Iscover (clopidogrel), which were identified correctly by 90% and 76% respectively.
I have had an ablation with a 67 percent cure, and am taking digoxin, Sotalol, and Cartia XT.
Kahn used to give a course on the history of maps, and in this book the authors offer a gorgeous survey of maps from Ptolemy's Geographia to a Cartia ThemeScape data visualization, in which frequently mentioned topics pile up in three-dimensional mountains, while less popular topics form an irregular Death Valley.
I've reported on one implementation as a News-Break ( from Cartia).
Cartia was promoted to chief of security in May 1995, one of his first goals was to boost security without increasing his eighteen-person staff.
Companies that are doing interesting work include Autonomy and Cartia.
Cartia's ( virtual maps of topics retrieved by a search look like a geological survey map.
According to Mike New, vice president of marketing for Cartia, it takes most people a while to grasp the concept, and it takes a bit of digging and learning the software to understand the potential uses.
In 1996, Cartia secured exclusive rights to the technology and has since redesigned both the mapping engine and user interface for use in commercial applications.