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And the firm, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Siuslaw Financial Group, still does things differently, the Carters say.
Karam suggests that the tape was doctored or that the Carters got someone who looks like her to stage the video.
Ruth had felt the same way in 1981, when a Sports Illustrated profile of Manning had quoted a teacher who suggested the Carters had suffered no harassment; they "were simply ignored.
The Carters frequently put on horse shows and allowed children involved with 4-H to keep their animals on the property.
The property acquisition will tie together 20 acres near Sierra Highway and Avenue H-8 donated last year to the city by the Carter family and a 12-acre parkland/drainage area acquired earlier by the city.
LANCASTER- The Carter family homestead, a site for fund-raisers and community parties in the past, will again be turned into a gathering place - this time as a neighborhood park.
This exciting agreement between Hasbro Games, Jive Records and the Carters will result in an exclusive TWISTER MOVES-compatible music track featuring performances by Nick and Aaron Carter on a CD that will be packaged with the game.
In June of 2002, the Carters filed their original lawsuit on behalf of their son, through their Tampa-based attorney Bill Yanger, in Hillsborough County.
Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, famed country singer Willie Nelson, and opera star and arts impresario Beverly Sills, will join The AGS Foundation for Health in Aging at its first annual Lifetime of Caring Awards Gala Benefit.
The Carters presence at SOS bird rehabilitation center located in coastal southeast Georgia was an Independence Day blessing," said Mrs.
It remained unclear what, exactly, the future would hold for Carter after the guilty verdict.
Carter was teaching a Sunday school class at Maranatha Baptist Church in his hometown of Plains, Georgia, when he made the surprise announcement, said Jill Stuckey, a close friend of the Carter family and a board member of the Friends of Jimmy Carter National Historic Site in Georgia.