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For an epigraph Edward uses this verse from an 1836 version of the song "Yankee Doodle": "Corn cobs twist your hair, / Cart wheels run round you, / Fiery dragons take you off, / And mortal pestel pound you.
One such example is shopping cart wheels and castors where abrasion resistance is important.
You can also use it to help protect your garden tools, ball joints, golf pull cart wheels and other equipment against rust.
WASTE NOT: Flowers can be planted in an old metal bucket or even a boot old boot SITTING COMFORTABLY: A garden bench made of old wood and cart wheels
NEW USES: Eye-catching flower containers can be made out of old things you may otherwise throw out NEW LEASE OF LIFE: This garden bench, right is made from old wood and cart wheels while the old metal bucket, above, looks good with flowers in