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Relating to a rounded pattern, from which short curved radiations appear to emanate
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It does not, however answer the question of why cart wheels were oiled while barrow wheels were not.
Some of the prices achieved included: Imperial butter churn, pounds 340; pig killing bench, pounds 50; horse drawn potato lifter, pounds 130; horse drawn root gapper, pounds 170; oak cider and fruit press, pounds 70; old photographs, pounds 90; back can, pounds 105; fiddle drill, pounds 105; 17 gallon milk churns, pounds 80; tractor seats ( two, pounds 70; black cart and shelves, pounds 300; hand scythe, pounds 45; Allen scythe, pounds 50; 12 spoke cart wheels, pounds 140; stainless milk churn, pounds 60; 3 milk buckets, pounds 40; wooden turnip drill, pounds 150; old stone boot scrape, pounds 90; early wooden root chopper, pounds 70.
Cart wheels have been fitted with sensors that will trigger a wheel-locking device if the cart leaves the perimeter of the parking lot or moves too far away from the store.
Evidence of a gateway, with ``kick stones'' used to help free cart wheels if they got jammed, can still be seen in one of the old walls.
The rats are doing cart wheels in my living room every evening and I swear Eamon Dunphy called selling Pools coupons the other night.