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(kăr′əl), James 1854-1907.
British-born American physician noted for his research on yellow fever. In 1900 he deliberately infected himself with the disease for experimental purposes.
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The way he says what he said, his words might have been twisted," Carroll said.
Like so many others who love Catholicism, Carroll finds the church far from the "perfect society" as it once defined itself.
Except for a brief interlude during the 1640s, when the same Protestant revolution that had engulfed England temporarily displaced the Baltimores, a spirit of religious tolerance pervaded Maryland up until the day Carroll landed in Maryland.
For Carroll that golden opportunity comes with the passage of then-president Bill Clinton's 1996 Welfare Reform Act and the generous employment practices of the United Parcel Service (UPS), where Carroll started as a part-time truck loader.
In the final chapter Carroll departs from his reliance on social structure to offer a Freudian explanation of these "rounding" rituals.
Because he has been stunned by his belated discovery of Christian complicity in the Shoah and everything that preceded it, and because he is a naturally confessional writer (An American Requiem replayed the torments of the Vietnam era on the mini-stage of conflict with his own father, a high-ranking Army general), Carroll constantly juxtaposes world-historical and utterly personal events.
Throughout her career, Colonel Carroll held a wide variety of important staff and command positions.
Carroll claims to have identified a series of eight canto units, each of which is preceded and followed by a single-canto divider, for example: canto 1 / cantos 2-9 / canto 10 / cantos 11-18, and so on.
Notwithstanding their differences, McCourt and Carroll both obey the convention that one now expects in any chronicle of a Catholic upbringing.
Carroll, surrounded by his proud dad and fellow brass in their dress blues, was introduced by the Air Forre chaplain as God's newest chosen one: "In a day when our society is so disjointed, it is a great joy to know that Father Carroll is on our side.
19, 1993, the Carroll Family advised the board of Katy that, in light of the foregoing, the family believes it is extremely unlikely the merger with the Carroll Family company would be consummated prior to Sept.
Carroll pointed out that because PVC bottles represent only a fraction (about 5%) of the total plastic bottle waste stream, PVC recycling efforts would depend on being part of broader post-consumer collection programs.