carrier oil

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carrier oil

Any oil used to dilute essential oils used in producing cosmetics or for aromatherapy; carrier oils include those from almonds, apricot kernels, avocados, grape seed, jojoba, soy beans, sunflower and wheat germ.
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Carrier oil

An oil used to dilute essential oils for use in massage and other skin care applications.
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Aromatherapy products such as carrier oils have also been proven to be highly effective in pain management and healing of wounds & cuts.
Ms Tebape's company a green cosmetics manufacturing company, Nubian Seed, manufactures organic products all made using indigenous African botanical ingredients to make natural and organic butters, carrier oils, essential oils, clays and soaps.
Brands like SoulTree are using different oils in the manufacturing of skincare products, as well as colour cosmetics and the same is with Nykaa that has expanded its 'Naturals' portfolio with the launch of a curated line of pure cold pressed carrier oils, offering numerous benefits for hair, skin and nails.
Unlike normal oils, essential oils are so powerful that they have to be diluted with carrier oils such as olive oil or castor oil or even shea butter.
The aromatherapy products include a selection of pure essential oils and carrier oils, expertly formulated blends, convenient roll-on applicators for on-the-go aromatherapy and aromatherapy diffusers.
"We use purely natural ingredients, including six of the best carrier oils, to make the base of our bespoke, handmade oils and wouldn't work any other way."
These carrier oils are treated as base oils that help carry the essential oil onto the skin.
Try and find one with what I like to call 'liquid vitamins,' which are plant-based carrier oils that offer the skin a cocoon of protection and a delicate aroma.
2 AROMATHERAPY: Specially designed aromatherapy jet lag kits are available, which have carrier oils containing essential plant oils to dab on your wrists, temples and feet.
Keep away from essential oils and try carrier oils, such as almond, coconut, grape seed or rice oil instead."
Bellabaci Homeopathic Essential Complexes or “Aromeopathic” treatment oils are made from pure organic essential oils and cold pressed carrier oils, containing no artificial fragrances, colouring agents and are not tested on animals.
Oregano would also require carrier oils for topical application.

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