carrier wave

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carrier wave,

n the medium through which signals and energy are delivered from one body to another.
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For example, approximately 26% of familial dysautonomia carriers in the study did not report Jewish ancestry There also were multiple instances in the study of carrier frequencies being higher than expected for particular populations.
The effects of the node burial depth on the received signal strength and the error rate were measured at three carrier frequencies, 240 MHz, 433 MHz, and 868 MHz, respectively.
The solitarious males are cryptically green or brown, smaller, and sing at higher carrier frequencies (mean 13.
Evidently, a complete understanding of the carrier frequency effect on the MIMO system performance requires more measurements in many different indoor environments at different carrier frequencies and bandwidths.
In fact, at high carrier frequencies, depending on the antenna size, it may be more beneficial to suffer a small increase in pointing requirements to enable a considerably smaller antenna to be used.
The carrier frequencies of two or more radars in the threat environment are likely to be more than a few megahertz from each other.
The differences between corrected carrier frequencies and carrier frequencies calculated from CF incidence data (7) were tested with a 2-population Z-test.
Moreover, we determine the properties of the newly developed pulses including wave numbers, carrier frequencies, and carrying modes.
Huawei Technologies (Huawei), a provider of next generation telecomms network solutions, has been selected by China Unicom, a service provider in China, to deploy and upgrade its CDMA network, which incorporates over 1600 carrier frequencies.
The series delivers exceptional reliability and high-performance to a variety of mobile communication platforms in carrier frequencies ranging from 800 MHz to 2500 MHz over a full temperature range of -55[degrees]C to 125[degrees]C.
Wireless communications are playing a larger role in everyday life; data transfer rates, broadband communication channels, and carrier frequencies are increasing rapidly.
These assays also led to the recognition of increased TSD carrier frequencies among Franco-Americans living in New England (8, 9), Iraqi Jews (10), and Irish Americans (11).