Carpet Burn

Public health Superficial abrasions on the knees, elbows, backsides
Sexology As the phase is commonly used, it refers to injuries acquired during spontaneous recreational sexual activity on the floor or carpet
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Various social media reactions went from "classless", "incredibly dangerous" and "sick." Some commenters said the baby could have suffered from "carpet burn" from being dragged on the floor of Elam Baptist Church.
She also had grazes to her lips and a carpet burn on her back.
"We use artificial pitches and everyone is used to them, it's just if you get tackled and hit the ground funny it might hurt a bit, you might get a bit of a carpet burn."
My normally reserved neighbour Rab is currently sporting a three-inch carpet burn on his arm from a space hopper race down the communal stairs.
Alishia's Attic will be upstairs at Via Veneto this Sunday from 7pm to 11pm with the one and only Alishia and resident DJ Audrey Carpet burn.
She said: "It had the appearance of carpet burn and was a couple of days old and it had blistering on it.
But when she was unable to explain a comment in her statement about reddening on Mrs Sanderson's face, likened to a carpet burn, Ms Green said it was a long time ago and she could not remember.
"But I've got the biggest carpet burn in the world, right down the side of my leg to my knee.