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Alain, 20th-century French cardiothoracic surgeon. See: Carpentier-Edwards valve.
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De Carpentier was a member of the Exiles team who won the Llangoed and Manchester Sevens titles in 2010.
Raised in Preston, de Carpentier was educated at Kirkham Grammar School and began his club career with Fylde.
He was really just starting to soar before he died," said Carpentier.
In particular, they noted that the data generated by Carpentier, Richard, and colleagues indicates that developing ways to increase the amount of brown fat a person has is unlikely to make that person slimmer, what is needed is a way to make sure that the brown fat is active and burns calories.
Our process always made us 'the greenest of the green' when it came to toner cartridge recycling,'' claims company president Mike Carpentier.
Focusing on the writings of Alejo Carpentier (1904-1980) and Julio Cortazar (1914-1984), Demuro (Australian National U.
I thank all the women who have been mentioned in my book and have contributed in making this project a success," Carpentier said.
The older generations have paved the way for younger ones," Carpentier said.
This thin volume of eight surprising narratives and winner of Cuba's Premio Carpentier depicts a country rich with incongruity.
Altar de Piedra'' was inspired by ``Los Pasos Perdidos'' (``The Lost Steps''), the 1953 novel by Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier.
For the past 18 years, PARADE has asked Americans about the choices they make when it comes to food and nutrition, and the annual findings provide an excellent glimpse of America's tastes and eating habits," says Fran Carpentier, the magazine's senior editor overseeing the annual "What America Eats" issue.