carotid artery dissection

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carotid artery dissection

Longitudinal tearing of the carotid artery, a rare cause of stroke, occurring esp. in patients who have suffered trauma or twisting of the head and neck.


Patients may report the sudden onset of unilateral neck pain that radiates toward the head, along with new neurological deficits.

See also: dissection
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The Coroner said he died from a "traumatic carotid dissection following a kick by a cow".
I do not have specific experience with an athlete with a carotid dissection that is lucky enough to return to running.
Some patients can have retinal or cerebral ischemia during the first two weeks following carotid dissection, if antithrombotic treatment is not initiated.
There were three laryngeal, two hyoid bone and three cervical spine injuries and one carotid dissection.
The volume begins with an elaboration of an animal model of carotid dissection, which is followed by discussions of epidemiology, current knowledge, and hypotheses about possible mechanisms of spontaneous and traumatic cervical artery dissection.
There was one report from Canada of a man who had a carotid dissection from coughing.
2) Not surprisingly, carotid dissection has been associated with many sources of nonpenetrating neck trauma, including strangling, seatbelts, whiplash, horse hoof, (3) and softballs.
Endarterectomy has been proposed for acute carotid occlusion, evolving stroke and carotid dissection.
The distal cervical portion of the left ICA directly below the skull base contained a luminal, semilunar, peripheral T1- and T2-hyperintense signal abnormality compatible with a subacute mural thrombus, with an intimal flap indicative of a carotid dissection that measured 2.
Spontaneous common carotid dissections have only rarely been described.
This condition occurs in only 3 of 100,000 carotid dissections and 1.