carotid artery dissection

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carotid artery dissection

Longitudinal tearing of the carotid artery, a rare cause of stroke, occurring esp. in patients who have suffered trauma or twisting of the head and neck.


Patients may report the sudden onset of unilateral neck pain that radiates toward the head, along with new neurological deficits.

See also: dissection
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This can become a source of distal emboli and can also result in mass effect on nearby structures such as lower cranial nerves and sympathetic fibers in the case of carotid dissection. (5,6)
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(3) Dissection associated with elongated styloids has been reported in the neurology literature, (4) but to the best of our knowledge, no prior reports have demonstrated TIA with a normal carotid and subsequent carotid dissection during two separate clinical presentations.
The cause of the stroke in pediatric patients may be embolic (cardiac etiology), from a carotid dissection, or cryptogenic.
Although many authors have written on PCI and BCI as a result of PNI or traumatic neck injuries, no one has reported a case or case series on PNI that resulted in blunt carotid dissection and stenosis.
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The main differential diagnostic considerations at cross-sectional imaging include carotid dissection and large vessel arteritis.
From a technical point of view, preoperative otorhinolaryngoiatric visit and careful carotid dissection are recommended to avoid the eventual life-threatening condition of bilateral vocal cord paralysis.
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The Coroner said he died from a "traumatic carotid dissection following a kick by a cow".
I do not have specific experience with an athlete with a carotid dissection that is lucky enough to return to running.