J., 20th-century French physician. See: Caroli disease.
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The Middlesbrough youngster suffers from a variety of conditions including portal hypertension, congenital hepatic fibrosis, polycystic kidney and Caroli disease.
Following Benabou's [1996] work, Aghion, Caroli, and Garcia-Penalosa [1999] also took on this reverse causality approach to the Kuznets Curve.
Modo vero per novissimas navigationes, factas anno post Christum 1519 per Magellanum ducem navium invictissimi Caesaris divi Caroli etc.
Gencpinar P, Makay BB, Gattorno M, Caroli F, Unsal E.
Apart from its brightest star Cor Caroli ([eth] CVn - mag.
4,36) Most patients have no predisposing risk factors, but the presence of the following risk factors may lead to development of the tumor at a younger age: (37-38) primary sclerosing cholangitis (5-15% lifetime risk); choledochal cysts (5% will transform and risk increases with age); Caroli disease (7% lifetime risk); hepatolithiasis; chronic intraductal stones; bile duct adenoma; biliary papillomatosis; Clonorchis sinensis infection; and Thorotrast (thorium dioxide) exposure.
Soares, Geotechnical Engineer, Petrobras Engenharia; Edgard de Alcantara, Mechanical Engineer, Petrobras Engenharia; Fabricio Nascimento de Macedo, Geotechnical Engineer, Petrobras Engenharia; Sergio Caroli Puga, Pipeline Designer, Petrobras Engenharia; and Simon Ricardo Sanandres, Equipment Engineer, Petrobras Engenharia
Liver involvement is a result of congenital hepatic fibrosis or Caroli disease, which may progress to portal hypertension, hypersplenism with resultant thrombocytopenia and recurrent ascending cholangitis (Caroli syndrome).
And Caroli for a f Kirkto chairwoman Caroline Lynch has called full investigation into Kirktonholme Primary headteacher Sandra MacKenzie's actions.
8220;We have been incredibly impressed and are exceptionally happy with the performance of the Homer Pro throughout this study,” commented HidroMares' Alexandre De Caroli.
An easy way to locate the galaxy for star-hoppers and users of red-dot finders is that it forms a right angle to the northeast from Cor Caroli and P CVn (Asterion)--the two bright stars of the constellation--and lies the same distance from Cor Caroli as the distance between these two stars.