Jean Baptiste, French biologist, 1836-1899. See: Carnoy fixative.
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Therefore, many cases are treated with conservative surgery, including curettage, physicochemical treatment with Carnoy's solution, or cryosurgery [6-9].
(15.) Richard Rothstein, Martin Carnoy, and Luis Alberto Benveniste, Can Public Schools Learn from Private Schools?: Case Studies in the Public & Private Nonprofit Sectors (Washington.
The central point of disagreement is the size of the effect of choice on student achievement, with proponents finding more significant positive effects than independent researchers (Carnoy, 2001; Dynarski, 2016; Rouse & Barrow, 2009).
After smear and drying in air, fixation was performed in Carnoy's solution for 2 hr at 4[degrees]C.
Higher education predicts high and sufficient employment chances for students (Carnoy, 1994; Grao and Mora, 2000; Lettmayr, 2012).
After Morchain was repeatedly shelled by the enemy they moved to Cappy and then to Cerisy, with a trench party being sent to the Carnoy Valley.
NEW YORK: AlixPartners appointed Lisa Carnoy as its Chief Financial Officer.
Still regarding management, it is worth mentioning enucleation, marsupialization followed by enucleation, enucleation and chemical cauterization (Carnoy's solution), cryotherapy, decompression followed by enucleation, and peripheral osteotomy.
Five hundred millilitres of oocyte-sperm solution were collected from each unit, filtered with a mesh size of 35 [micro]m, concentrated and preserved in Carnoy's solution [absolute ethanol and acetic acid (3:1)].
Recurrence is the main reason for the failure of the KCOT treatment, and it depends on therapy approach (10); for example, recurrence rates following enucleation, curettage, cryosurgery, marsupialization, Carnoy's solution and decompression are approximately 54.55% (11, 12), 19.2% (13), 3% (14), 21.4% (15), 6.7% (12), and 25% (16), respectively.
"[R]isks include increased school segregation; the loss of a common, secular educational experience; and the possibility that the flow of inexperienced young teachers filling the lower-paying jobs in private schools will dry up once the security and benefits offered to more experienced teachers in public schools disappear," wrote report author Martin Carnoy, a professor of education and economics at Stanford University.