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Any depiction in the media—in print or film—which contains scenes of bloodshed, carnage, gore or other types of violence
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Mr Clapham, 33, is a former pupil at Colne Valley High School where he was studying when he landed his first job in sales at the age of 16 at Carnography Plc.
A blend of carnage and pornography gives us carnography, which refers to extended scenes of violence.
Carnography uses pornography's suffix, but a handful of new words borrow the prefix "porn" to identify anything excessive, lurid, false, or empty.
Carnography, which has a chain of 37 car accessory and discount stores with more than 300 employees nationwide, went into administration yesterday.
The company trades under both the Carnography and Price Pounder names and has ten stores across the Midlands.
The fire broke out behind Carnography on Shelton Square.
There was also a small amount of smoke damage to the shop Carnography.