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Renata and Cantwell alternate between the languages of courtly love and carnal desire not only during the Colonel's war recollections, but also in private moments of physical intimacy.
Focusing on five of these texts, in her dense and allusive style, she attempts to demonstrate that in the philosophical and Biblical traditions there is a persistent idea that it is impossible to find the divine except through engagement with the flesh, through carnal desire, eros.
For all the lustful glances and whimpering surrenders to carnal desire on-screen, audiences should remain unflustered.
As ever, at the heart of this artfully constructed yet utterly gripping story is the play between perception and reality, the mafia and the truth, all dusted with carnal desire.
Wrestling with his carnal desire for what flows through the veins of the townsfolk, Sang-hyun encounters Tae-ju (Kim Okvin), the wife of a childhood friend desperate to escape her marriage.
The association of carnal desire with close-fitting leg wear and, in particular, sheer silk stocking as worn by women of at least moderate wealth or social rank.
``It's unbelievable I'm overwhelmed by this carnal desire that sweeps over me.
He told Channel Four host Graham Norton on Monday: "I'm overwhelmed by this carnal desire that sweeps over me.
At Safa and Marwa, Perform Sa'ee and Harwala (fast pace), to escape from carnal desires with all your power and strength.
Another actor on the rise that we caught in Laro is Ross Pesigan, who played the naive young student who enticed his classmates to give in to the carnal desires of his fatherly benefactor.
For hundreds of years people have turned to sex workers to act out their secret carnal desires - giving it the title "the oldest profession in the world".