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Thomas Edward, 19th-century U.S. oral surgeon. See: Carmody-Batson operation.
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It rained heavily all the way to Bright River, to which station they had to go, since the branch line train from Carmody did not connect with the boat train.
Laughter and joy had their way; and when Anne and Gilbert left to catch the Carmody train, with Paul as driver, the twins were ready with rice and old shoes, in the throwing of which Charlotta the Fourth and Mr.
Blair's store over at Carmody that he meant to sow his turnip seed the next afternoon.
We heard last week she was going, so we sent her word by Richard Spencer's folks at Carmody to bring us a smart, likely boy of about ten or eleven.
But Mandy Carmody got access to the money and spent most of it.
Raymond Christopher Carmody, 68, and Sarah Carmody, 47, appeared at Teesside Magistrates' Court to face one charge of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.
Marshals Service said they found Jordan Carmody, 23, under a blanket in a closet in his home on the 2500 block of North Rockton Avenue in Rockford.
Notes: interested parties should submit a completed rfq proposal to linda carmody by close of business friday october 6, 2017 at 4:00pm.
Irish teams have competed down under every year since 1986 when Frank Berry, Tommy Carmody, Tony Mullins and Joe Byrne, all of whom had been champions here, were the pioneers.
When the light turned green, the driver of the Nissan - later identified as Charles Jacob Carmody - allegedly accelerated and crossed three lanes of traffic before cutting off a Chevrolet Tahoe.
The Rise of the BRICS in Africa: The Geopolitics of South-South Relations by Padraig Carmody explores the observable engagements and impacts of the BRICS countries in Africa, within the context of their new globalization models and South-South relations.
24, 2004, filed the request March 1, attorney Mary Beth Carmody said.