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It comes clothed in several transparent disguises: "CareMaps," "standardized orders," and "algorithms" are the euphemisms for "recipe," the term with which we here in Brunswick are most familiar.
* Does the hospital use CareMaps, best practice protocols and clinical guidelines?
* Group 2 -- Development of clinical paths and CareMaps.
Group 2, led by the outcomes coordinator, developed a CareMap, a multidisciplinary outcome documentation tool, as well as a clinical path (see Figure 3).
Second, the outcomes movement most commonly uses multidisciplinary process and intermediate outcome guides called critical pathways, clinical pathways and Caremaps, among others.
Identifying individuals who can develop standardized CareMaps and select cases to be managed.
Ideally, the development of CareMaps should begin after case selection and appointment of the nurse case manager.
CareMaps, by the Center for Case Management, Inc., South Natick, Mass., for example, capture the practice patterns of several disciplines and arrange them to best suit patient needs.
Some nurses reported that due to the use of critical pathways/ caremaps, nursing diagnoses are no longer used.
A few respondents reported that their facility did not use nursing diagnoses as critical pathways or caremaps had replaced the nursing care plan.
The purpose of this article is to address the start-up costs incurred for instituting Hospital Based Managed Care and using CareMaps on the OBGYN division at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC).
McNeal, described the Caremap, a concept initiated at the Brockton/West Roxbury (Mass.) Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC).