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Typically, the standards for health care accreditation programs focus on the rights and care of residents, and assisted living is no exception.
Consultant Dietitians in Health Care Facilities, a dietetic practice group of the American Dietetic Association, offers new publications to assist providers in best practice standards and protocols for the nutritional care of residents.
Fourteen years ago, after their offer of fundraising assistance was turned down by two other nonprofit organizations, the Harley Owners Group of Elgin (Illinois) adopted Little Angels, a 55-bed skilled pediatrics facility licensed for the care of residents 21 years of age and younger with profound disabilities and complex medical needs.
On the other hand, if we can work together to improve the nutritional care of residents, malnutrition and dehydration can become things of the past.
The DON is the one who oversees the hands-on care of residents within strict, financial boundaries, who can truly cost-justify investments in resident-care personnel and equipment, and who sets the standards for that care.
The focus of CNAs' work - daily care of residents - will not change, but they will have to shift from a task-oriented to an outcomes-oriented approach.
OBRA regulations also gave states the option of allowing NPs to supervise the health care of residents in nursing facilities.
Our RN staff participated in a leadership series that emphasized their role as "Partners in Care" (PIC) team leaders who direct the care of residents in collaboration with nursing assistants, therapists, physicians, and social service, nutritional and activity staff.